Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Portfolio Updates

Hello All (or none)!
I've been kinda lazy keeping up on this blog. I think it's mainly because I keep more up-to-date info on my deviantART journal but I'm still holding on to this as well. I thought I would post a few projects I've done for my job. I don't post work projects on my deviantART account but you can see those as well as my personal stuff in my portfolio: http://rlhcreations.daportfolio.com/

Just a little background info my 9-5: At work I specialize in print advertisements of all kinds. I mainly work on box art/box labels for products (you can see these in your local office supply stores), flyers, brochures, hang tags (also seen in local office supply stores) and presentations. Here is a little taste of that:


Hang Tags

Flyers & Ads

(These are from work and freelance jobs)

Hopefully you enjoyed! To see more work check out my portfolio or for personal projects you can add me to your watch on deviantART (http://rlhcreations.deviantart.com/)!

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